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This course is designed to give early career researchers the confidence and tools that they need to rapidly create a successful career in science and engineering. Participants are challenged to develop a strong sense of personal purpose and identity, and we explore the tools and systems they need to master to become expert and finding their own resources.

The course demonstrates simple tools that work for more effective management of energy, time, projects and teams. At the end of the course, the participants must each pitch an idea for a research program.

What will you get out of
attending this course?

Greater confidence and skill in attracting research funding

Tools and a plan to become more productive

Tools and confidence to build influence and reputation

Skills and confidence to interact more effectively with staff, teams and external partners


  • Developing your purpose
  • Creating influence, managing self-limiting beliefs and work flow
  • Transition from individual to team focus
  • How to more effectively promote your research ideas
  • Developing and promoting your professional identity
  • Managing projects and budgets
  • Attracting funds for your research
  • Developing and delivering a pitch
  • How to start building your own research team
  • Take away a 100 page reference guide


What Have Been Most Helpful?

The highlight for me was career plan, purpose, value and help increase organisation skills and management:

– Pitching the idea
– Setting up the systems that produce results
– The tools, examples, discussions and conflict management exercises
– Things to keep in mind before writing proposals
– Finding money before it is released
– It gave me a ‘click’ into my own determination to improve management skills
– Outlines, examples, stories of success.”

Increase Funding

I realised that it is a role that can be managed with the right tools. It does not look as overwhelming anymore as before:
– Writing tips and rules
– I feel there has been an improvement in the way I communicate, manage and ultimately coach students I am responsible for and this has also led to her research being publishable
– For everyone, it is important to know one self and work towards a purpose
– Strategies/approaches were given to perform better
– Presented material on project management and arranging meetings that could effective in progressing.”

Increase # of Articles and Productivity

I have gained confidence in my ability to apply for and lead larger grants. Proof of this is our recent success with the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation grant of $950,000 over four years:

– I’ve learnt to look for opportunities when rejected for things like papers and grants
– I may think more about trying to get money outside standard competitions 
– How to sale your ideas (grant funding applicant)
– How to present and build a business plan
– I realised that I have a lot to offer, especially to industry 
– Realise it’s a win -win situation – they want to give money to great project”

Influence and Reputation

The concepts about emotional intelligence and very interesting to be able to manage relations with colleagues after:
– Good ideas on how to grow and maintain a network. It confronted me in the way I was already networking
– The power of visibility
– I realised I potentially have a broad web of influence.”

Overall feedback

Energetic science-backed:

– Ideas felt actionable and non-gimmicky
– Should be offered to all post docs by a smart institution for basic knowledge
– Motivating, hands on experience and advice
– As a post doc and early stage career, it is really useful to get all the tools possible to develop our skills for our future position
– This has been a significant mind-shift
– A transforming two days!”


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The course focuses on developing the skills in mid-career researchers that are required to be successful as an academic leader in a university or research institution.

The course delves into the methods people use to build influence with colleagues and collaborators, and how to transition from an individual focus to a team focus. We explore how to better manage time and energy as demands increase, and how to create compelling business cases for funding.


  • Revisiting your purpose
  • Establishing influence within your academic institution
  • Communication that better connects with your audience
  • Increasing your personal productivity
  • Building your reputation and marketing
  • The business of business – strategic planning, project and budget management
  • Switching gears from doing your own thing to leading others
  • Attracting funds for your research
  • How to build high performance teams
  • Develop and deliver a pitch for over $1M
  • Take away a 100 page reference guide

“I am more confident, empowered and invigorated! I value my worth to the University more highly and no longer question my abilities. This has been a significant mind-shift.”


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