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How Many PhD Graduates Become Professors?

Despite the fact that over 95% of science PhD students want to stay in academia, only 0.5-16% of us become professors. The exact number varies depending on where you live, but none of the statistics are encouraging. Fewer of us are ‘making it’ to tenured positions and...

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Who invests in ARC Linkage?

The ARC Linkage Program is the flagship program of the Commonwealth Government to encourage collaboration and co-investment by Australian organisations with the university sector. In Fusion Consulting undertook an analysis of who had invested in ARC Linkage from 2002...

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Some hard numbers on science’s leadership problems

A Nature survey of 3,200 scientists reveals the tensions bubbling in research groups around the world. Scientists pride themselves on being keen observers, but many seem to have trouble spotting the problems right under their noses. Those who run labs have...

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