The Academics Leadership Institute designs and delivers coaching and training specifically for academics

Our materials incorporate scientifically proven systems of working more effectively and the latest thinking in personal performance improvement and leadership.
Our coaching and training systems have been developed over ten years, and they have been successful at improving the performance of individual academics.

Education is in Our Blood

“Behaviour is built on entrenched belief systems and patterns, by changing those patterns we can open up a whole new world and a rewarding career.”

Head Coaches and Trainers for Europe

Paul Dalby

Business Development Consultant

Funding secured for clients: A$250m

Expertise: leadership development, strategic planning, cross-disciplinary/agency project management

Notable clients: University of Adelaide, Newcastle University, Charles Darwin University, King Abdulla University of Science and Technology, State government agencies, numerous industry associations

Chair: two IT start-ups

Yvette van Eenennaam

Consultant, Manager, Facilitator and Coach

Expertive Areas: Leadership
Development, Change
Management, Organizational

Notable Clients: Nike Inc, Deloitte,


The Academic leadership Institute also offer Group Coaching and One on One Coaching to reinforce the training and to fast-track those who need to immediately step into leadership roles.


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